Artificial Intelligence still need Human Help


Modern developments in algorithms and computing have made Artificial Intelligence a practical reality. We all are living in the land of science fiction. From online shopping carts to self-driving cars to manufacturing robots, Artificial Intelligence-based solutions are playing significant roles. Even so, we need to differentiate fact from fiction. Artificial Intelligence is still far from taking over the world. In Today’s world, Artificial Intelligence-based solutions also rely on human cooperation.



Self-Driving Cars

The self-driving cars monitor your hands and eyes to make sure you are paying attention. If there is a mistake, you are supposed to make a decision to remedy the situation. The feedback also provides the car with an opportunity to learn from you. There are five levels of self-driving cars. Most cars today are in between level two and three where involvement from a driver is essential, hence human feedback is a necessity for these vehicles.


Automated Check Deposits

Most ATMs today can without human intervention read amounts from handwritten checks using optical character recognition (OCR) and Artificial Intelligence. When it is incapable to recognize the handwriting, it flags the check to be manually inspected by a banker. It uses these corrections to recognize the future handwriting patterns to read more precisely.


Social Media's Reputation Problem

The Artificial Intelligence reliability issue is not only a YouTube setback; it’s an issue across all social media. After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, conspiracy theory articles, videos and images portraying the survivors as paid actors started to trend heavily on social media sites. Facebook and Google are still trying to keep such unsubstantiated news and claims from showing up on their users' feeds.




Making decisions about creditworthiness can require a lot of human-hours. Logically, Artificial Intelligence seems like a better option to automate the method, but it's not that straightforward. As a result, loan managers/executives are used for training the Artificial Intelligence models. This mode is especially vital for microloan organizations as they have tight funds. They are able to save money by leveraging Artificial Intelligence-based loan decisions.



Science Fiction and Reality

Even though science fiction writers have been obsessed with Artificial Intelligence for a long time, most of the portrayals are not Artificial Intelligence -friendly. In the land of science fiction, an intelligent machine is never harmless. In these stories, an Artificial Intelligence toaster is probably planning a rebellion instead of toasting bread. These stories are trying to warn us. For lovers of Artificial Intelligence, it’s easy to dismiss the dystopian view as just fictional stories. The stories are exaggerated, but Artificial Intelligence does have some justifiable obstacles to overcome.



Crowdsourcing the Human-In-The-Loop Method

Google and Facebook are hiring a workforce to train their Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Instead, businesses can crowdsource the work. The same approach can be utilized to further train any deep learning algorithms or machine learning. Full-time employees are usually expensive. Using a crowdsourced model, businesses can train their Artificial Intelligence tools more efficiently. Also, the crowdsource provides a larger pool of workforce to choose from. An assortment of decision-making method can lead to better results in Artificial Intelligence accuracy.







Real-World Problems with Today’s Artificial Intelligence

In the last few years, deep learning and machine learning has been the most innovative branches of Artificial Intelligence. Both machine learning and deep learning use input data to learn and then produce results, but these algorithms have produced some mishaps.


In wrapping up

As Artificial Intelligence seeps into every phase of our lives, we will require training more models. We will need more human support. Today's Artificial Intelligence is still a work in progress. Due to its few shortcomings, Artificial Intelligence may get reported on in the media as a malevolent chatbot or even a fake news trendsetter, but Artificial Intelligence is transforming our lives every day. With the support of humans, the techniques and algorithms will only get better. What's more, crowdsourcing options to train Artificial Intelligence algorithms can help businesses reach their goals more efficiently. Human beings will continue to control everything until machines become self-referential systems. Till then, we must revisit our ecosystem, which spans education systems, skill development processes, and social welfare models, to make way for more efficient methods.

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