5 AI Use Cases getting traction in Industry

Robotics in BI and Reporting


Can AI transform your content strategy? Is it only consumer brands like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, and Uber are reaping the benefits of AI.  Are you in doubt that AI can deliver value to a small size brand? About whether AI could offer practical reporting uses for an organization of your size.


You will be amazed how Google Analytics with in-depth data can provide valuable insights if it can be tailor-made and customized to your brand’s goals and KPIs by setting AI algorithms.  Do you want to try how much useful data is available to explore for your brand’s campaign on Google Analytics? Instead of glaring at dashboards, charts, tables, and thousands of data rows and spend hours figuring out what is going on, Robotics can automate the key insights you are looking for your marketing campaign performance.


Try out Quantamix Report for your campaign if you have a Google Analytics account.


Automating product descriptions and investor reports


Quantamix Solutions plans to helps brands using NLP techniques to tell stories by processing millions of rows of data. Using AI, we can help automate, accelerate and scale content creation. The primary goals are to save cost and deliver a high-quality customer experience by creating customized content. For example, product descriptions can be kept up to date and optimized for SEO for web and mobile applications. The real use case of AI is to personalize the contents based on user preferences and experiences.


For example creating investor reports for millions of shareholders telling them how their investments have gone in the past, current and predict how it can go in future and provide specific recommendations to diversify their portfolios can be amazing business value to add.


Pattern and anomaly detection in data


AI platforms can analyze millions of transactions and predict a customer who is about to leave the brand. Predict brands sale cycle, lead generation, and conversion probability by calibrating on the historical data.


Using AI, you can understand customer trends easily. You can automate the routine tasks at the bottom of your todo list and skillset. You can automate reporting tasks using AI. This will free up resources, create more value instead of doing the repeated routine task.


Reduce redundancies and duplication  


Quantamix plans to help brands refine their content planning process using AI and machine learning. Old SEO tools are transforming into new AI-based SEO tools. Brands need a holistic and integrated approach to researching and planning content marketing campaigns.


Suggesting contents and keywords which optimize your SEO ranking is a good use case for AI.

AI helps to create a content strategy that is better aligned with how Google ranks websites and helps the brands understand the universe of topics they need to cover to climb to the top of their market.


Highly personalized content  for everyone


Machine learning can include much more data in their recommendations, looking at a user’s behavior across many different types of content. For brands, it is easy to offer personalized content for their consumers.


Quantamix Solutions is tracking the rise of AI in marketing technology.

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