Define Your Social Media Measures

Quantamix team standardize and quantify the social media metrics using industry standards and its own research and deep understanding of the market dynamics


Brand Mentions

The number of times and influencer mentions a brand in their content. Mentions can be organic or paid.



The number of views that a specific post or piece of content received over a specific period of time. This measurement is often used to calculate Cost per Impression (CPI).



The percentage or portion of the conversation with target consumers or influencers your brand owns versus your competitors. This conversation can be across social media, blogs, or any other place your target audience hears from brands.


Return on Relationships (RoR)

The value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship. ROI is simple $’s and cents. RoR is the value (both perceived and real) that will accrue over time through loyalty, recommendations, and sharing.


Return on Influence

"Return on Influence" was the first book on social influence marketing, written by Mark Schaefer in 2012. In this book, he identified the shift in power from advertisers and media companies to influencers and correctly predicted the widespread use of influence marketing. He emphasized that "return on influence" is not necessarily a metric, but a trend about capitalizing on trust between individuals and their online audiences.


Social ROI

The return associated with a brand’s social marketing efforts. A calculation that takes into account the time, money, and resources put towards social efforts measured against the monetary outcome.

This calculation should be measured in dollars/local currency.



A measure of an influencer’s audience size. Aside from possessing qualities that have the power to drive action, influencer’s has an above-average number of followers in a specific niche or market.



A measure of how much activity an influencer generates by publishing content. Someone who creates content people crave and love to engage with will make a major wave with a blog post and gain a lot of traction with a single tweet because the content resonates with fans and followers.



A measure of how relevant an influencer is to a topic that is relevant to your brand.

Look for mutual relevance. Find this by assessing keywords the influencer is showing

up for when you do Google searches, as well as tags and categories on their blog, hashtags they are using on Twitter and Facebook, and the topics of groups they are involved in.


Ambassador Vs Influencer

An ambassador inspires a following; an influencer inspires a following to take action. If you go into the grocery store, you’ll likely recognize an ambassador, but not an influencer. An influencer may be an ambassador, of sorts, in their own peer group, but the general public will have no idea who they are.


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