Advanced Influencer Marketing Platform

Ignite your brand awareness and fuel your business using advanced social media features on our influencer marketing platform

Quantamix helps to design and embed advanced social media features into your application to fully leverage and boost your influencer marketing campaign

Fully functional social media features include

The Ultimate Database Discovery and Real-Time Search Engine

We bring elastic and scalable search engine for hundreds of thousands of influencers, ideal candidates for your job and brands based on keywords, hashtags, mentions, social engagements, followers, interests, hobbies, likes, comments sentiments, demographics, psychometric and personality filters and much more.

Customized Recommendation Engine

Find the right influencers,  ideal candidates for your job and, match them to brands, sponsors, creatives, sponsors for any campaign with our Artificial Intelligence recommendation engine powered by machine learning solutions.



Customized Psychometric Assessment Dashboard

Find the right influencers, creatives, professionals for any campaign with psychometric assessment tools and dashboards which assess the non-cognitive and cognitive traits based on the Growth, Resilience, Instinct and Tenacity analysis coupled with personal beliefs, values, traits, and behaviors capturing realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional aspects.   


Send customized Invites and promo stories with a Single Click Response

Say goodbye to writing cold emails, ineffective phone calls, expensive coffee meetings, and networking events! Easily send automatically customized and optimized invites and promo stories to brands, sponsors, followers, ambassadors.

Best-in-Class Relationship Management Workflow Tool

Every relationship is automatically grouped into stages, making it clear which actor needs what actions, follow-ups, submissions, approvals, verifications, testimonials, featured highlights, trending stories, paid promotions and much more.

Seamless Communications Channels

Get posts and creative promo content faster by communicating with thousands of users, influencers, consumers, creatives, professionals and their followers at once via mass messaging, chat, live streaming webinars, recorded events, streaming briefs, news feeds, subscribed newsletters, podcasts, and audio-video channels.

Workflow Automation and Interaction Dashboard

Save dozens of hours by automating tasks such as donation, subscription, sponsorship payments, and promo content reviews, sending and executing smart contracts, smart reminders, legal term sheets, user agreements, cookies policies and much more.


Exclusive dashboard for Key Social Media Metrics  

Track key social media metrics like Reach, Engagements, Acquisition, Conversion & Activity and other dimensions including sentiments, trends, popularity scores and much more.  


Host, create, promote and follow Sponsorship Campaigns using Campaign Management Tools

Host, create, promote, and follow sponsorship campaigns including success events, awards and accolades celebrations, and ceremonies. Get valuable insights by easy to use dashboards that makes reporting sponsorship campaign result in a breeze.  


Data-driven Insights and Key Performance Indicators   

Make better decisions by visualizing which influencers, users, consumers, professionals, and contents are driving the strongest Return on Investment, slice and dice based on demographics, social-psychometric analysis, and Artificial Intelligence generated a predictive analysis.  

Share Content with the platform

Become a content hero by sharing massive amounts of creative generated content with your entire ecosystem. Make groups and teams on your application platform. Securely export, transfer, download, and upload creative contents in a secured environment using APIs  
Securely share contents with your entire network by creating API handles syncing channel, database and repository integrations.

We are Just Getting Started
We are at the crossroads of mass AI adoption and our customers continue to adapt to the digital user experience. From customer service to campaign management, the growth of data-driven insights will drive businesses and user engagement. At Quantamix Solutions, we are committed to bringing state-of-the-art applications and dynamic data-driven contents. We are going to continue to support your work by creating tools that are easy to use and help you to deliver the most effective, engaged and tailored user experiences. Keep an eye out for an announcement of our new solutions in our blog posts.

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