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Do you know that every video you stream through YouTube or song from Spotify is copyrighted? So is every book you purchase from Amazon’s bookstore.

So technically you can do with these files anything you please as long as it’s on a personal level, you can copy the files to other locations, you can read or listen to the digital files from multiple devices, you can even save the files on the cloud — that’s all within your right, what’s not allowed is distributing these files. Copyright protection bars you from copying the work or distributing it to another party, and although different countries handle copyright infringement differently, it is illegal.

Imagine this a creator has worked on say a novel for years, editing it, tweaking it, spending money on it and when they finally publish it someone else takes it, mass prints it and starts distributing it to everyone on a digital network. Not good for the creator as you can imagine. All those sales opportunities gone, all those years of hard work for nothing.

Quantamix will develop an entire platform that is focused on removing trust barriers between different parties, protecting all copyrights, fostering a reliable distribution channel and most importantly building a thriving environment for creators everywhere.


Introducing Quantamix Platform secured content sharing idea

Quantamix Platform will use the power of distributed technology (blockchain) to protect all the work creators create. It does this through several ways but in its raw form, it basically removes the need for pricey intermediaries by allowing every creator to place their work on a decentralized platform and allowing for direct transactions and communication between them and the users. All this happens securely and at a fast time.

This platform is also great because it gives creators the capability of always checking in on the status of their files or assets. Everyone from the biggest most successful celebrity creators to the grassroots artist still trying to find his way through is free to participate on the platform and most importantly has an equal opportunity to access all of Quantamix Platforms Dapps that will not only help protect their work but also give them an edge.

All these nodes are kept in clusters inside something called a QuantamixBox. Other than storage the QuantamixBox can also back up different files, the QuantamixBox will be the one to decide whether to store some of the files locally or pass them on to another QuantamixBox within Quantamix Platform platform. QuantamixBox stores its files as public or private, each with its own key — the public key will encrypt and decrypt public files and so will the private key.

Quantamix Platform will also be incentivizing its users to engage with the client side in exchange for some rewards. QuantamixBox will decide how rewards are distributed to the users, with users being given the opportunity to track their progress in real-time using a secured login to the platform.



Next Steps

Trust and protection of copyrights spur creativity within creators because they know they have full control and exclusive rights over what happens with all the pieces they are motivated to always do better and improve upon their work. All this can’t happen without trust in the system.

Unfortunately, the current system is majorly flawed, one in terms of security; See most cloud storage providers are centralized meaning all the data is stored at a central location, and open to hacks and cyber-attacks. Creators are always in constant fear of losing their data. The second part is with regards to industry monopolization, the big companies can sometimes unfairly profiteer the creator’s data, giving it away to other firms in exchange cash.

The only way creators can truly benefit themselves is by taking back control of their own data. Which is what Quantamix Platform promises, by distributing all the data, Quantamix Platform wants to create an environment free of centralized nodes, where third parties aren’t needed and monopolies aren’t created to ensure the creator is always at the driving seat of his or her own data and because all the data is shared, even if some information did fall in the wrong hands they would need to go through a long process of decryption to make any sense of it, the data will therefore always be safe because only the owner can access it using their private key.

Quantamix Platform will also use smart contract technology to ensure the platform always remains autonomous and decentralized.

*Use Cases and Community features are coming Soon! Please stay tuned for more future updates.