Content Scheduling

Let our social media tool allows you to sit down and plan weeks, or even months, worth of content schedule at once. Our analytics tool addresses gaps in your posting schedule which can be automatically filled to ensure a seamless flow of unique social content.

Your social media calendar

Quantamix content scheduling tool allows you to manage your social media posts to the response of your audience using text analytics. It analyses your audience’s reaction and provides insights to make your post schedule more suited to your psychometrics and demography. It collects social engagements and predicts the best hour, the day of week or time range. You can queue your favorite contents and ads, and relax to let the rest of the work get managed by our automated content scheduler.


How it works


  • Connect your social media accounts.

  • Create a new calendar.

  • Create a new post. Give a title to your post, write content, add media, select emojis, select time zone, select geography, and hit create a calendar.

  • Choose a workflow option that best suits your needs.

  • Choose your favorite scheduling method.

  • You can sort and filter your posts based on predefined criteria.

  • You can get post view, calendar view and analytics view to engage with your posts.

  • You can collaborate with your colleagues, peers, and friends on your posts by inviting them to co-create the contents of your posts.

  • Assign roles and notify your collaborator, peers, and friends on actions on your posts.

  • Create a centralized inbox for all your comments from social posts.

  • You can save a draft to get the approval of posts from peers or brand manager.

  • Based on your posts combined with analytics you can generate ideas for your posts.

  • Customize the posts based on each social media channel.

  • AI enabled post maker suggests you inspiring ideas for your posts.

  • AI enables you to get the best time and day for your posts to maximize the reach to the audience.

  • Create a quick post from the existing resources.

  • You can review status like scheduled, published, draft and pending for approval.

  • Get an overview of the social engagements and calculate social RoI on your post.




Make the best use of your time using Quantamix Content Scheduler Solution!


We are Just Getting Started

We are at the crossroads of mass AI adoption and our customers continue to adapt to the digital user experience. From customer service to campaign management, the growth of data-driven insights will drive businesses and user engagement. At Quantamix Solutions, we are committed to bringing state-of-the-art applications and dynamic data-driven contents. We are going to continue to support your work by creating tools that are easy to use and help you to deliver the most effective, engaged and tailored user experiences. Keep an eye out for an announcement of our new solutions in our blog posts.

Get in touch with Quantamix team

The Quantamix team is happy to discuss and customize the solution for your needs. If you would like to collaborate on our solution, we are looking forward to your inquiries.

*Use Cases and Community features are coming Soon! Please stay tuned for more future updates.