Scale and Accelerate with Serverless

Breaking down the Monolith! Considering Serverless! Quantamix is your partner to Serverless applications and migrations

What business value you are creating?


The first question you ask is what is the business value you will create by moving to serverless. Are you looking for an accelerated delivery model for features? Are you annoyed with slow features delivery and losing your market share to competitors? Is your current backlog leave no room for new developments? Is the scalability of your ongoing application concern you? Is your brand reputation is at stake due to unstable environments? Is your finance department crying badly on your server and infrastructure maintenance cost? Do you want to create focus in your development team so that they can focus on business functionality and not get bothered with the infrastructure of several environments one for development, other for testing and the one for UAT and the one for production?


If your answer to any one of the above questions is yes, you are creating excellent business value by breaking down your monolith and migrating to serverless. You have in your hands a great business case to convince your stakeholders and set the right business objectives against main business goals and KPIs.


The shared understanding of this business goal is the critical pre-requisite for your serverless migration strategy.





Start with low hanging fruits


The first step is to identify low-risk and non-critical features of your application or data processing or your business workflow. You can start first migrating these to avoid expensive failures and minimize business risk. A big migration step will be fatal as it might be risky and challenging to find the bug. Get support from your team and management to keep them on your side to manage and avoid the big-bang change.


Accelerated Prototyping with an active feedback loop


Start building accelerated prototypes, test, learn and validate your choices, assumptions, and mistakes. These are perfect learning opportunities to understand the behavior of your applications. With this in mind, you learn fast but at least cost. The journey to production deployment becomes easy when you learn and repeat until you are entirely convinced of the next steps. The primary business values you focus during this phase is on scalability, parallelism, resilience, and cost.


Search out-of-the-box excellence and follow Serverless continuous delivery


Let the heavy lifting for the deployment, release, tests and other environment overheads be done by serverless. The Serverless framework is the most popular and takes care of most of the heavy lifting for you. It supports many cloud providers and gives you many choices out of the box. It's a very extensible framework with powerful plugin systems developed by the serverless community.  Your CD pipeline model should consider controlled code versions. Builds should be reproducible. Dependencies, including transient dependencies, should be locked down to exact versions. If minor/patch version updates can creep in between 2 builds, then the build is not reproducible!


Continuous learning

You’re in production, congratulations! But don’t stop there. Keep experimenting, learn and iterate on your designs. Share your learnings with other teams and with the broader developer community. Help establish a virtuous circle of education and improvement for everyone.



Identify common patterns and cross-cutting concerns. Look for ways to standardize how you deal with these concerns. Using middleware engines such as middy is a good way for you to regulate how you do things. For example, how you handle errors, or how to capture and forward correlation IDs.


Start building a platform to provide features all your teams would want to use.


Automate everything possible


Use the power of serverless to automate ops and security monitoring. For example, you can adopt ChatOps using AWS Lambda with Slack integration. You can use CloudTrail, CloudWatch Events and Lambda to alert on suspicious activities. For example, console logins at weird times of the day or from locations where you have no employee. Or inform on EC2 activities in remote regions that you’re not using.


Depending on your starting point, you might face very different challenges during migration.


A serverless architecture is almost always a microservices architecture too. It means people migrating from a monolithic system would have to migrate to a new execution environment as well as a unique style of architecture.




We are Just Getting Started
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