Real Time Posts Tracking and Analytics

Measure your posts performance for reach, clicks, views, comments, shares, engagements and track how users actually behaved once they logged in to your website.

Track your visitors and learn their behavior instantly

Quantamix real-time post tracking and analytics allows you to track your online user’s behavior and provide you strong insights and analytics dashboard to optimize and make smarter decisions for your brand.  

How it works

Real-time web analytics dashboard to answer

  • How many people are currently on your website?

  • Know how long users’ are reading and engaging on your website.

  • Understand how a total number of visitors on your website are changing over time from minute, hour, day, week to previous months.

  • Discover the sources of visitors from other websites, search engines, and social channels driving traffic on your website.  

  • Know the geographic view of your visitors on the map including time zones.

  • Monitor best performing posts and contents and the number of users currently engaged with each of your top pages.

  • Discover how much of your users are on a mobile, tablet, or desktop device right now.

  • Receive push notifications and alerts on spikes and downtime on your website traffic.

  • Quantamix Analytics shows you how each of your campaigns is performing in real-time.

  • Monitoring the browsing session for any users currently browsing to understand more about how they navigate on your website.

  • Quantamix Analytics using predefined metrics enables you to see how many of the users currently on your website are actively engaged.

  • Analytics feature enables you to annotate key moments to remind your team why a traffic spike occurred – e.g., blog post goes live, or someone influential person mentions about your brand online.

  • Quantamix API allows integration of insights in your own tools and websites as a plugin.

  • Quantamix Analytics is integrated with live chat to instantly engage with your visiting user.

  • Quantamix Predictions intelligently estimate your daily, weekly, and monthly traffic levels based on historical data.

  • Quantamix Analytics powerful event tracking allows you to see the most commonly triggered events across your users.

Make a smarter decision and grow your business using Quantamix Real-Time Posts Tracking Solution!



We are Just Getting Started

We are at the crossroads of mass AI adoption and our customers continue to adapt to the digital user experience. From customer service to campaign management, the growth of data-driven insights will drive businesses and user engagement. At Quantamix Solutions, we are committed to bringing state-of-the-art applications and dynamic data-driven contents. We are going to continue to support your work by creating tools that are easy to use and help you to deliver the most effective, engaged and tailored user experiences. Keep an eye out for an announcement of our new solutions in our blog posts.

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The Quantamix team is happy to discuss and customize the solution for your needs. If you would like to collaborate on our solution, we are looking forward to your inquiries.

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