Analyze Real-Time Trends

Let our analytics tool find out which topics, interests, issues, hashtags are frequently mentioned based on time and location to optimize content creation and which people to build a strong relationship with.

Generate actionable insights for your social media campaign, sponsorship, e-commerce, and business optimization strategy

Quantamix real-time trends analysis allows you to take advantage of actionable insights generated from real-time trends emerging in social media and online web traffic.



How it works



Real-time Data
Analyze real-time end to end web and social traffic and performance from the first visit through to different content and product purchase orders.

Responsive Dashboard
It provides you with simple, intuitive visualization so that you can make quick decisions to optimize performance.

Historical data provides you with full visibility of your performance over time.

It enables you to identify and remove performance bottlenecks and manage peak times.

Anonymized data from real-time trends enables you to compare your performance with industry norms by platform and vertical.

Goal Monitoring
Input your goals and Quantamix real-time trends tools can prioritize the areas you need to focus on to optimize your social and business performance.

Multiple Users
Add multiple users as required to give your stakeholders a common view and understanding of performance.

Custom Widgets
Custom widgets can be created on behalf of clients to support your unique monitoring and data insight requirements.

Make smarter decisions and grow your business using Quantamix Real-time Trend Analyser!

We are Just Getting Started

We are at the crossroads of mass AI adoption and our customers continue to adapt to the digital user experience. From customer service to campaign management, the growth of data-driven insights will drive businesses and user engagement. At Quantamix Solutions, we are committed to bringing state-of-the-art applications and dynamic data-driven contents. We are going to continue to support your work by creating tools that are easy to use and help you to deliver the most effective, engaged and tailored user experiences. Keep an eye out for an announcement of our new solutions in our blog posts.

*Use Cases and Community features are coming Soon! Please stay tuned for more future updates.