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Buyer Persona research

  • Marketing Spying Wizard to effortlessly identify all information that you need to find your ideal target customer.
  • Search Intent Discovery Wizard to keep your content most relevant and valuable to the target audience.
  • Market Research and Resonance helps to automate content workflow with Literally Saving HUNDREDS of hours of A/B Test and Niche-research time.

Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor Analysis Wizard to differentiate yourself by identifying niche competitors either directly in the market or by topic.
  • Contextual Comparison Wizard to compare URL-to-URL content with competitors and identify gaps or opportunities to improve your content strategy.
  • Organic Competition Wizard to discover competitors based on keywords and identify gaps or opportunities to improve your content strategy.

Topic Cluster

  • Topic Authority Overview to identify critical content gaps and find surefire ways to accelerate Topic Authority in search engines.
  • Topic Clusters discovers the information architecture of your website by comparing content Topic Clusters of your competitors’ websites.
  • Dominant Topic Discovery visualization helps to find topic overlays, topic relationships, and topic meanings to create a content strategy having topic authority.

Content Automation

  • Sales Copywriting Wizard crafts content from pre-defined templates which have inputs mapped from your market research, topic modeling, and competitor analysis.
  • Text Summarizer helps you extract information from a large text corpus without you investing countless hours in understanding the deeper insights.
  • AI-Content Writer helps you create highly engaging content that your audience would love, and eventually outsmarts the competition.
  • AI-Conversion Optimizer optimizes your content semantically for ranking #1 on Google to get more conversions for high intent keywords.

Search Engine Optimization

  • SEO Overview gets you an overview of your website’s health in just one click.
  • Technical SEO optimizes your site for crawling, indexing, and improving the visibility of your content in search results. 
  • Semantic SEO identifies the content gaps and performs in-depth audits of semantic information architecture to discover relevant conversational answers your users would love.
  • Performance SEO helps you get actionable diagnostic tips to improve web page load time and responsiveness in multiple devices.
  • Backlink Discovery helps you find backlink opportunities and understand the worst-performing backlinks that negatively impact your ranking on Google.
  • Schema Generator generates semantic annotations and knowledge graphs inputs to increase organic visibility in search engines.
  • Tech Insights finds out the technology stack of your website or your competitors’.

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