Grounding Story of CrawlQ

Here is the founder’s story about CrawlQ

How I turned my frustrations into business ambitions without quitting my 9-5 regular job?

What made me leave my 8-month daughter behind, sold my house, and car to start my new life journey in Amsterdam?

How I made myself from a high-court clerk to Founder of CrawlQ

Hello everyone, my name is Harish and I am Founder here at Quantamix Solutions.

Let me start my background first…

  • Let me first say that I have made the scariest but also (hopefully) the most game-changing decision of my business and life so far.

  • I know I’m not perfect. I know there are things missing in my skill set.

So let me take you into a quick flashback……

  • I got my first job at the age of 21 as a legal assistant with the High Court.

  • I was selected for this job after competing with 30 to 40 thousand applicants. When I got the call that I made it to the final, a blaze of joy and excitement swept over me. I remember bursting fireworks myself alone on a hot summer afternoon.

  • That was the fist WoW moment and after that, I never looked back.

  • My second WoW moment was when I made another big jump and made it to India’s top job with the central bank in 2004 at the age of 24.

  • I worked there 7 years straight. I got a hands-on understanding of banking regulations and risk management. In 2008, I earned a globally recognized certificate in risk management burning mid-night study hours after a busy workday. This certificate opened the new door for me. It made me think big and dream big. After that, I started to look for an international experience.

  • In 2009, I took a year-long sabbatical and came to Amsterdam for a one-year Research-Based Master’s program in Financial Engineering. Again, getting selected for this program was never easy financially. I need to shift my family to a smaller house, sold my house and car to save extra cash to pay for expensive education in Amsterdam.

  • Coming to the Netherlands, the Dutch culture and directedness changed my whole perspective on being on-the-spot, practical, and pragmatic. Everything was tough initially. I spent a few days only eating croissants 3 times a day.

-I was not able to figure out how to make my way out the first time out of India and in Europe. It took some time to get used to food and culture in general.

  • After finishing my master's, I started to work with ING and quit my job in India with the Central Bank. It was more than I expected. I was overwhelmed. Again, it was difficult to switch jobs from one continent to another. Nonetheless, it opened my eyes and ears for new learning and new life journeys.

I continued to work at ING Bank for four years.

  • After getting a bit into a routine, I moved to Ernst and Young (EY), one of the Big4 Audit and Accounting firms. There, I lead the team of model developers and software engineers. That kept me on my toes and prepared for new challenges and skills.

  • After EY, in 2018, I moved to Rabobank, pursuing my ambition for product development in a complex environment.

  • Soon, working with 3 big companies and responsible for product development, I was facing the biggest challenge in understanding what is the business value, who are my real customers and what pain points I am trying to solve. I had no hope. I was feeling frustrated not being able to get direct feedback from sales and marketing.

At the same time, I needed a big change. Working long-time with the financial industry, I was looking for a new direction.

  • The idea of being an entrepreneur was already persistent but it seems this was the right time and moment for my dream of having something my own, to create something new, different, unique, and useful with great value.

  • With the father of two kids, it was not easy to quit the job the second time and start something on my own. So I started to take careful steps and began to move the needles slowly. While working at Rabobank, I started to work on my first website, researching and writing content.

  • But I was not familiar with any copywriting formula and frameworks. Everything was so new to me in marketing and sales. I struggled to see that my blogs were hard to rank on page #1 of Google even after putting in hard research and tons of value.

  • I explored different content marketing tools techniques. I was a little frustrated with these multiple tools which work as a wrapper around Google Data.

This frustration and challenge forced me to develop my own tool (yeah, the baby CrawlQ came).

  • We launched the beta in Web Summit at Lisbon in November 2019 with the help of my friend DV Singh

It was terrifying but momentous. I was elated but nervous also. I made a big and conscious choice to start this. I couldn’t sleep the night we launched the product. I still remember the long queues at the Exhibition. Founders to Marketers were interested to see the product demo and how their website performs against their competitors.

  • Ah…it was great but while working on the CrawlQ, soon I realized that I am falling into the typical trap of not talking to real customers before developing CrawlQ. So I was dedicated and committed to solve it and fix it and not repeat the same mistake that I hear too often.

  • Soon, I started building funnels, joined top-coachings programs in the field of copywriting and content development from Tai Lopez to Dan Martel and Nick Kozmin. In a short period, I learned so much in the last two years.

Again, financially it was hard to sustain. So I had to sell my house the second time.

  • When the COVID situation started this year, it was harder and I was running out of cash. But soon, I started to work with a few early adopters, which paved the way for further development of CrawlQ.

  • Since then, I just kept working hard. So that’s a quick background story on me. I think that sums it up.

So thank you for listening.

And…if you’re a serious founder and you have a strong desire to grow your business and fast-track your content authority, I want you to book a call with me or one of my team members.

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