Out-of-the-box search for excellence

Relax & plan content schedule at once. Our analytics tool will address your posting schedule.

Measure your posts performance for reach, clicks, views, comments, shares & engagements.

Initiate campaigns to reach your target audience and manage follow-ups, monitor KPIs & Brand goals.

Optimize content based on trends on demographics, psychometrics, social media and web traffic data.

Stay alert and agile! Monitor brand engagements, mentions and respond timely to your audience.

AI-based psychometric tests to assess online behavior, beliefs, attitude and individual's personality.

Gain insights from data and machine learning models. Experience dynamic dashboards & actionable insights.

Design content securing, rewards & loyalty programmes based on Block-chain meeting business strategy and goals.

Our AI and Machine Learning Solutions are integrated with modern web and mobile applications to generate real-time insights.

Cutting-edge social media features

Quantamix Platform offers content sharing, sponsorships, crowdfunding, social scores and prediction of brand ROI.

E-commerce analytics platform

The platform offers order management, payment integration, CMS, checkout cart, security and SEO plugins.

AI-based Rewards System

Scalable and integrated social media rewards programme to earn points on user actions and well-defined redemption system.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Chatbots are the computer-managed programs that employ in interaction with people by utilizing a combination of automated messaging, artificial intelligence, and language-based rules.

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Scale and Accelerate with Serverless

Breaking down the Monolith! Considering Serverless! Quantamix is your partner to Serverless applications and migrations

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Advanced Data Visualisation & Dashboards

We use cutting-edge tools and emerging technologies to visualize the insights gained from the data and machine learning models. We present dashboards and serve visual information which is easy to translate to the human mind.

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Real-time Brand Monitoring

Monitor web traffic, explore, transform and ingest data and extract key features that drive consumer behavior. Our tools plug-in this data to state-of-art machine learning models and generate real-time insights to create a strategic focus on the target audience based on your business strategy.

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Automated Contract Management

Relax and let our solution work seamlessly to negotiate payment and execute contracts and handling of various regulatory compliance matters.

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Search Engine Optimization

Quantamix solutions provide a built-in search mechanism based on criteria that characterize either target or her / his audience to enhance the content ranking in SEO.

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Campaign Management

Initiate campaigns to reach your target audience and sit back relax! Let our analytics tool take care of follow-ups, reach, scheduling, audience targeting and monitor goals of the campaign in real time.

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Push Notifications

Stay alert and agile! Our solution lets you know whenever someone mentions your brand on social media. That way you can quickly respond to these messages without requiring you to keep you checking your website all the time.

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Analyze Real-Time Trends

Let our analytics tool find out which topics, interests, issues, hashtags are frequently mentioned based on time and location to optimize content creation and which people to build a strong relationship with.

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Keywords monitoring

Listen to your customers and community! Monitor keys word in conversations and create actionable responses to manage your brand’s perception.

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Real Time Posts Tracking and Analytics

Measure your posts performance for reach, clicks, views, comments, shares, engagements and track how users actually behaved once they logged in to your website.

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Automated Posts and Messages Queuing

Relax and let our algorithm automatically decide daily post time and post run time based on your geography and target audience! Let our solution automatically shares your content at a time determined a best fit for your unique audience.

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Content Scheduling

Let our social media tool allows you to sit down and plan weeks, or even months, worth of content schedule at once. Our analytics tool addresses gaps in your posting schedule which can be automatically filled to ensure a seamless flow of unique social content.

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