Startup Growth Hacking Strategy With AI Powered Semantic SEO

AI in Semantic SEO and AI in Startup Content Marketing has arguably revolutionized the way user search product and services and Startups conduct business, attract and retain customers online.

Growth hacking with AI tools With the help of new age, state of the art Technology and Machine Learning, there are remarkable results not just for buyers but also for sellers where both parties have been able to optimize their demand, supply and advertising strategies with immense growth. The other side of the picture includes endless competition among Startups and a constant struggle to get the user’s attention.

Indeed, advertising warfare in the 21st century has centered on the number of eyeballs a company is able to bring to its product or service. AI in Semantic SEO has only sped up this process by effectively gauging user intent and context of a search to show results that are most relevant to the consumer’s needs.

This means that if you employ Semantic SEO tools in your digital marketing and SEO strategies, you would have a greater chance of reaching your target market in a much quicker and cost-effective manner. Not only does this help businesses immensely, but it also saves the buyer’s time and energy, and takes them directly to the person who is able to meet their exact needs. Semantic SEO alone, however, is not enough to garner growth.

The use of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing has picked up the pace so rapidly that within the last few decades it is difficult to imagine a time when AI was not used to sell products and services online. In fact, the growth in the number of people who have been able to make the most of AI in digital marketing has revolutionized the retail, eCommerce and service industry.

In early 2019, it was revealed that businesses have spent nearly $250 billion dollars on digital advertisements, with the prediction that this was only projected to increase further. So evidently, this phenomenon will only get bigger and better from here on out. This is why it is so crucial for businesses to get on board and equip themselves with these new age digital marketing practices like Growth Hacking using AI Semantic SEO Tools.

Growth hacking has taken the world by storm and it is time that you make use of it to propel your business into the online world as well. With more and more companies choosing to advertise online as opposed to on billboards, pretty soon there will be too much clutter on the Internet for users to sift through and get to the businesses they want to.

This is where Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Semantic SEO and Growth hacking techniques are making a difference. They are giving businesses an opportunity to reach potential clients in a much easier and more streamlined manner.

So the question that arises here is: what is growth hacking using Semantic SEO and AI? Growth hacking is essentially the process that is used to optimize growth for businesses through various tried and tested techniques like creative marketing, behavioral psychology, data analyses, automation, and tooling based on Artificial Intelligence and power of NLP. It is entirely data-driven; leaving absolutely no room for baseless speculation that may or may not work for businesses.

Now most of the time, online digital marketers focus solely on top of the funnel, which pertains mostly to generating awareness above all else. However, where growth hackers differ is in the fact that we take the whole funnel into consideration when making our judgments about advertising. In each phase of this funnel, your business will see growth and ultimate optimization as a result of frequent experimenting and in-depth analysis using AI and Semantic SEO Tools and data that is procured to figure out what will work best for your company.

The consequence of this is that you can make digital marketing decisions based on accurate and authentic data instead of predictions and assumptions, which are obviously not free of human error.

Growth hacking using AI Semantic SEO, in this way, is changing the game entirely because it is essentially hacking through the non-traditional means of online advertising by using sophisticated AI in SEO tools and techniques to present a careful breakdown of your user base and user activity. It also lets you know who to gear your advertisements towards and how best to present these advertisements to your demographic.

This will save you an immeasurable amount of time, money and energy that would otherwise be spent trying to speculate and brainstorm various strategies with no actual guarantee that they would work. With practices pertaining to behavioral psychology, for instance, businesses will know what potential customers are consciously and subconsciously looking for when browsing for a product, and what subtle measures can be taken to ensure huge traffic and awareness for a company’s website and business. Growth hacking is beneficial for both startups and growing Businesses who want rapid growth with spending limited budgets.

Growth hacking, in many ways, is a subset of Semantic SEO and other new age SEO techniques, and the two essentially go hand in hand. Users require a clear path to the companies that they wish to do business with and it is only when that happens that growth hacking can work its magic. Think of Semantic SEO as the first rung of the ladder. Any future SEO techniques will come after the user climbs the first rung.

A clearer way to illustrate how the two are related is to take this step by step:

  • At the first step, a user or a potential buyer will type in the search words or phrases relevant to whatever it is that he or she is looking for. At this point, Semantic SEO will ensure, by judging the intention of the user and the context of his or her search, that the user is shown a list of options that work best in the given situation

  • Once users reach this stage, the next step is for growth hacking techniques to study and analyze user behavior including his or her preferences, activity and attention span.

  • All of this information will then be available to you, the business, and you will be able to manipulate it to bring improvement in user interaction with your site and build strategies regarding content creation, knowledge graphs, Topic Authority and content optimization.

  • Increased user interaction will, in turn, bring in more business for you and more loyal customers, and will ultimately help you establish brand recognition.

At Quantamix Solutions, we work diligently to ensure that clients make the most of the digital solutions including Semantic SEO and Growth hacking tools using Artificial Intelligence. As businesses, it is so crucial that you rapidly experiment with new ideas and digital marketing techniques, because advertising and publicity is such a crucial piece of the business model puzzle. This is where CrawlQTM Analytics offers its AI-powered SEO Services.

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Through our breakdown and analysis of your advertising process and the user response to it, you should be able to build a platform that is recognized and revered by customers and other online businesses. You can also use a combination of the tools and services we provide to gauge what your business needs to truly build a powerful brand on the Internet, whether it is through Semantic SEO techniques, Social media advertising or Digital marketing techniques to beat your digital competitors.